• We had introduced the attendance and time monitoring system and door access system as a trial in our Indiranagar school. This is to monitor the kids attendance in school, dining hall, hostel and extracurricular activities. Also it will help in controlling the access to the kitchen and store room, thereby avoid unnecessary misuse. Also we get the attendance control of the teachers and staff too. The system was provided to us by Aryah Software Solutions.

    All the kids and teachers and staff will be provided with the ID and access card. The kids are all pepped up as they will look like kids from an international school and feel the real pinch of high tech. This way we will be able to upgrade these kids to think and feel and grow to think big and be creative without fear.

  • Since the school is situated in a village, there are lots of arable regions and the school is planning to have some subsidiary to its daily needs by means of this cultivation. Cultivation by Drip Irrigation has proved to be a very effective method and the school plans to implement this.

  • learning nursery rhymes from Amit and team on how to change the content of the website etc.

  • We purchased a scrubber cum drier from charnock systems to clean up our place. Cleanliness next to godliness is the theme. And by upgrading things like this, kids gets the feel of cleanliness and will grow in an atmosphere where they feel that given an opportunity to take care of the society, they will excel. Apart from bookish knowledge, its very important for us to demonstrate to them the need of the society at large.

  • Since the school is situated in a village with no availability of power, it is planning to become self-reliant by harvesting Solar and Wind energy. The School is investing in equipment and know-how required to harvest these two types of energy and is making ongoing efforts in this regards.

  • This is one of the areas where the School is concentrating and is planning to set up a Bio-friendly environment where the children can conduct studies and become responsible citizens of this nation.

  • Upgradation of the village school which is at the Primary level to provide High School and College Education for the village children is one of our primary concerns. One of our current projects include the construction of High School and College Buildings.