100% free admission and education from KG TO PG (Kindergarten to Post Graduation plus). Admission for Totally Blind, Partially Blind, and Low Vision members and for the Sighted under privileged (single parents, or orphans or children of Blind couples)
Only the dress they are wearing is allowed inside the campus. All others things are given free.
Parents or Guardians can meet them or call them once a month.
Dasara 10 days and summer 20 days’ holidays are given.

We give the following:

  1. Three sets of stitched school uniforms
  2. Three sets of colour dress
  3. Three sets of night dress
  4. Three sets of yoga dress
  5. Three sets of karate dress
  6. Three pairs of socks
  7. Bata black shoes
  8. Running shoes
  9. Slippers
  10. Three sets of undergarments changed every quarterly.
  11. Toiletries.

Extracurricular activities like Yoga, Karate, Carnatic Music, Bharatnatyam, Abacus, Cooking is compulsory
Two wheeler and four wheeler driving class for the sighted students and licence given at the age of 18
Fees Structure; It’s a bit expensive. We charge them with a monthly bill of Rupees military type Discipline, Respect, Love and a Will Power to achieve and to roar like a thousand man warrior.

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Share a Ray of Hope - With The Rakum School for The Blind - 2017