About CSR: Many Indian companies have been contributing to the society through Corporate Social Responsibility. The year 2013 has put CSR in the forefront. For many of India's companies 'giving back' is not about fulfilling this legal obligation of having to donate to charity, but generating goodwill in their respective communities. These are times when CSR and NGOs go hand-in-hand.
Rakum School in Bangalore is a genuine public organization doing well being activities for visually impaired people. We are concentrating to accomplish the better amenities for them and one of the strategies is through CSR. By working with Rakum, you strengthen us in reaching more children every day. Your CSR activity would ensure resources and help to each child we reach and keep them in school. You could help us in developing sustainable models and expanding ourselves. We wholeheartedly welcome forward all private and public sector companies who choose to partner with us to support our cause.

Current Scenario: Through the blackboard outside the school, and their Facebook pages, children put forth their urgent requirements and the response has been enough for them to sustain and thrive over the years. But Rakum hopes to see more involvement from the general public; as he rightly points out, these children are the society’s responsibility, and not just his own. He hopes to be able to pool in enough funds to put together better classrooms and living spaces for all the children.